Tuesday, August 18, 2009

August Promotion with 15% off New Products!

August promotion with 15% off our new products! 100% NON GMO with all natural ingredients!

Vegetarian Cold Cut Slices with Four Flavors
Vegetarian Chicken Slices
Vegetarian Smoked Chicken Slices
Vegetarian Ham Slices
Vegetarian Smoked Ham Slices
15 cold cuts with a convenient, microwavable container. Bring to the office any day for a sandwich or even eat it cold!
On Sale: $2.75
Retail: $3.50

Vegetarian Spiced Chicken Leg
Enjoy the famous chicken leg with a special twist, a sugar cane as the bone!
On Sale: $3.15
Retail: $3.70


Vegetarian Tuna
Minced it up to make a tuna a la carte or even cut it up for a stew!
On Sale: $5.15
Retail: $5.95


Vegetarian Mushroom Balls
Enjoy the chewiness of mushroom balls in a stew!
On Sale: $2.75
Retail: $3.25


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