Friday, November 5, 2010

Boston Vegetarian Food Festival 2010

Another year at the awesome Boston Vegetarian Food Festival! We were honored to be invited to be a part of such a great event. We decided to bring some of our new products this year.

Vegan Salami

Vegan Beef Teriyaki

Vegan Chicken Teriyaki

And again, we have our best sellers on the front line:

Vegan Citrus Spare Ribs

Vegan Ginger Nuggets

Vegan Beef Chunks

Vegan Salmon

Vegan Black Pepper Beef Steak

We even had some products sold out:

Vegan BBQ Pork

Vegan Fish Ham S

Vegan Tuna

Vegan Chicken Nuggets

Vegan Chicken Nuggets (oven baked)

Vegan Beef Teriyaki

Vegan Stewed Ham L

Vegan Chicken Legs

Can't wait until next year! We definitely won't forget to bring the prawns and bacon next year!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Beginning

We relaunched our company last Saturday. It was a party to celebrate our 15th anniversary and our remodeling. We had free drinks, samples, and demos.

We had tons of samples and demos going on. Some of the products we sampled were the following:

Vegan Prawns
Vegan Squid
Vegan Sashimi
Vegan Squid Rolls
Vegetarian Sausage
Vegetarian Mini Sausage
Vegan Golden Fish Fillt
Vegan Black Pepper Beef Steak
Vegan Citrus Spare Ribs aka Vegan Citrus Chicken

Can't wait until we celebrate our 20th year in business!