Monday, November 10, 2008

May Wah Station at the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival 2008

With over 10 different May Wah products to sample, ours was one of the busiest station. Customers pouring from the entrance to our station with questionable reactions asking us what are the vegan salmon made from? How is it possible that the vegan citrus spare ribs taste just like meat?

Some of the products that were sampled are the following:

Vegan SW Ham (VIP)
Vegan Chicken Nuggets (VIP)
Vegan Meat Steak with Pepper (VIP)
Vegan Roasted Salt Chicken
Vegan Chicken Leg (VIP)
Vegan Beef Chunks
Vegan Tuna (VIP)
Vegan Citrus Spare Ribs (VIP)
Vegan Chicken Nuggets (Ginger) (VIP)
Vegan Black Pepper Beef Steak
Vegan Fish Ham
Vegan BBQ Pork (VIP)
Vegan Salty Salmon Slices (VIP)
Vegan Teriyaki Beef (VIP)
Vegan Teriyaki Chicken (VIP)
Vegan Smoked Turkey
Vegan Pepper Steak (VIP)
Vegan Healthy Chicken (VIP)
Vegan Bacon (VIP)
Vegan Delicious Steak Meal
Vegan Sashimi (VIP)
Vegan Ham - Red Yeast Flavor
Vegan Ham - Original Flavor (VIP)

(VIP) - Very Important Product (ALL SOLD OUT DURING SHOW)

With questions thrown at us and hungry people to be fed, the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival was a success!


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