Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vegetarian Shipments from Taiwan

I can't believe it's already March. Spring is going to hit me in the face any second now. Hopefully Spring will come along gently, slowing pushing the winter cold away. And I could finally stop shivering at the store. 

Speaking of moving the winter wind out of the way, we definitely did some moving this week. We received a new vegetarian shipment from Taipei, Taiwan. With our bare hands and the wind hitting our face early in the morning, we moved 2000 plus boxes into our store. We had mock chicken and mock seafood falling out of the container. Not only did we enjoy the view of moving all the cases, we had a couple of comments from our bystanders. Our neighbors cheered us on by the sidelines, motivating us with words of encouragement. We finished moving the container in 3 hours. It was a hard task but we did it!


Just to give our regular customers an update, we have the products you've been asking for!

Some of available products include:
Vegan Chicken Steak
Vegan Spiced Chicken Leg 
Vegan Lotus Seed Chicken
Vegetarian Coal Roasted Sausage 
Vegan Tuna Mackaral 
Vegan Bean Bread
Vegan Wheat Gluten Roll
and much more!

Unfortunely it seems this shipment did not include the following:

Vegan Bacon
Vegan Prawns
Vegan Beef Ball
Vegetarian Corn Burger
Vegetarian Vegetable Burger
Vegan Mushroom Balls
Vegan Lobster

but if you come early, there maybe one or two left......


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