Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Strange Vegetarian Food

The Chinese word for vegetarian food, SU SHIH, suggets a cuisine that is pure, simple, and plain. Despite the word, Taiwan's vegetarian cuisine can be considered plain but is often more refined and elegant than any other cuisine.

Nowadays visitors come into our store and discover products such as vegan squid, vegan pig's belly, vegan ears, vegan pig's shank, vegan flitch, and much more! And how exactly do these products come about?

For thousand of years, vegetarian chefs have become extremely creative in imitating meat using prepared wheat gluten, also known as seitan or temph, agar, yam flour, and soybean. Because these imgredients are very flexible materials, they can be shaped into different textures and have the ability to absorb many flavors.

Thus arrive the creation of mock chicken and mock seafood!

(Take a look at our Stephanie enjoying a vegan chicken drumstick, with an actual stick!)


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